The 'Golden Rule' of Pest Control Will Change How You Garden

The golden rule of gardening is one that is adopted from many years of farming. This rule is based off of the rule of 10% and how your garden can be completely organic while co-existing with pests. Check out our new clothing line!

3 Replies to “The 'Golden Rule' of Pest Control Will Change How You Garden”

  1. For deer, you can put up a simple fence with one wire that is hard to see. The deer won’t see the wire and walk into it and get spooked and run away. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep deer out. Personally, I put my garden next to my dog’s outside pen and I use urine as well. This keeps rabbits and deer out.

  2. I would love to see your saltwater tanks🙋‍♂️. Hammers, brains, branch… wrasse, damsels, shrimp… whatcha got?? Gardening and saltwater aquariums, you’re speaking my language

  3. What if I just went full blown chemistry, insecticide for everything? The biggest pest I deal with is SLUGS….the slugs and snails are RIDICULOUS.

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