Organic PEST CONTROL that really WORKS

Managing pests in an organic garden is much more than just getting rid of the “bad bugs”​. Following organic gardening …

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  1. Thank you so much for showing the useful information with the practical methods for home garden pest control. This is the most helpful youtube video I have seen on garden pest control.

  2. I learned last year not to destroy spider webs in my garden because the spiders are actually assisting in catching pests. They are unsightly, which is why I would always destroy them, but they are nature’s pest control.

  3. Mistakes yesss !! Every year I seem to choose challenges! Great tips going to try the citrus for slugs and others! They love my new adventures in PLANTERS ! I’m in Systematic Chaos here and can’t wait for the next two years if we re allowed to plant things by then

  4. I can’t imagine isopods not being wonderful for the soil I love them what do they do? I bet they can compost really well, I’ve never seen them feed of living plants if there are other vegetation on the soil, do they eat living plants? 🥺

  5. Don’t get rid of those large striped caterpillars, they will be tiger swallowtail butterflies. I always plant extra dill and parsley to share with them. 🐛🦋

  6. I tried sticky traps but the little lizards (which are so many) are getting stuck on them and I can’t unstuck them. 🤢🤮 when my daughter was still at home she would come to the rescue and use olive oil and gently “scrape” them off. I’m not that brave😭they jump on them from fences, or limbs or whatever🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  7. it always upsets me to hear the healthy plant in healthy soil theory, then go out to my amazing soil to find my incredible starts 200% devoured by slugs and/or wood bugs

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