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  1. question on neem oil. so I recently started a worm compost bin with aeration holes and a capture bucket. very simple. anyway I recently had to kill my worms because I had an infestation of maggots and roaches which grossed me out. I used lime to get rid of the nasties. anyway. I stopped overfeeding the worms and stopped putting anything non-vegan in the bin. however I am afraid I may still have roaches since they are attracted to literally every type of food. I started spraying my worms with a bit of mint water. I was wondering if using neem will kill my worms? also does it affect compost bins? I have another bin for larger food scraps.

  2. I have a question is Neem cake better in the soil then neem powder? We have a aphids, is there something else that you would recommend for aphids?
    And Thank You so much for all your videos they do help so much.

  3. My cherry tree is getting doused in this solution. Went away for 3 days and it became wretchedly infested with black aphids, and ants carrying them to unaffected branches. Thanks for the cohesive talk-through 🙂

  4. I treated an orchid that had a case of scale. Just mixed a few drops of neem oil in a little spray bottle with some warm water, added a few drops of Dr Bonner’s liquid soap to help break up the oil and water, and shook the dickens out of it. My orchid is doing great now.

  5. I used neem oil a week ago on my plants. Used bottle instructions. Well…..almost all my plants leaves died and I had to cut them off. Hoping my garden can recover from this. I honestly thought it would work because I had been seeing bug on my squash plant and green caterpillars on my broccoli. Well, it killed most of my garden when I applied it.

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