20 Replies to “How to Keep Pests Out of your Garden, 5 Tips for Organic Pest Control”

  1. -praying mantis
    -lady bugs
    -companion planting; plants that grow best together and confuse bugs
    -paint river rocks red to confuse bugs for strawberries
    -physically barriers: fence
    -watch soil health n plant health: bad plants attract bugs
    -nothing dead, nothing disease in ur garden it attracts bugs

    just digital notes for me 😅

  2. Thank you, James. I am having a groundhog issue, so I searched your channel first because I knew you’d have some great tips. Thank you for inspiring me to go bigger with our garden this year. 🙂 Thank you, from Joplin MO

  3. I’ve just started putting out new pots from the nursery and the squirrels in the area IMMEDIATELY started investigating and digging into the pots. I haven’t even transplanted anything yet. They’re digging into the mulch as well. Kinda think I need to have some sort of sacrificial plants or something to distract them.

  4. I’m a virgin garden grower. I have 2 raised beds 3×6 and live in Kentucky. Hoping to learn more and learn from my mistakes. One thing I’ve been advised about is every year is different. Hope everyone has a good harvest. Good luck and thank you good sir for this informational video.

  5. I have a worm tower in the center of one of my raised beds. It’s awesome but in the spring the birds dig up the soil around it to get to worms that have gone on a day trip. That with a ground-hog problem (more than one) – it’s discouraging. I may relocate my raised beds and put a fence around them as well as mesh under the area. they sit. Lot of work.

  6. Hey James!! My kids and I love love your videos. Kids are especially keen on Tuck 😉 they even started inviting neighborhood dogs in our yard to see if they will harvest our veggies!!
    Do you have any advice re cucumber beetles ? I struggled hard with them last year
    Much love from Canada

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